Erasmus without paper (EWP)

Erasmus Without Paper is a project co-funded by the European Commission which brings Erasmus administration into the 21st century by going digital.

The main goals of EWP initiative are:

  • Replacing a paper-based workflow by a digital one.
  • Tackling the administrative workload for students and staff.
  • Creating free public infrastructure.
  • Streamlining technical solutions for student mobility.

Over the last 2-3 years, SOP has played a major role in the development of interfaces for the 'Erasmus without Paper' project, standardizing data exchange between different software systems. More than 190 Mobility-Online users and universities across Europe, who have implemented the APIs (connection possibilities of student management systems for data exchange among each other) of EWP in their systems, are able to exchange data with one another.

As an EWP "partner of the first hour", our company was able to influence the design of these APIs. All existing APIs from EWP can be explored in the Mobility-Online demo version.

Mobility-Online menu offers EWP Settings. With the help of EWP icon data of participating partner institutions can be shared and updated.

The following graphic illustrates which systems are planned to be able to exchange data in the future.

It is possible to automatically exchange data with your partner universities in Mobility-Online regardless of which software they use as long as they have implemented EWP.

This makes Mobility-Online the first standard software worldwide to offer such functionality at this point of time.

To learn more about the EWP settings in Mobility-Online please download the factsheet.