"We've been using Mobility Online for both our student and staff exchange programmes since 2009. With approx. 1000 incoming and outgoing students and 100 incoming and outgoing staff members each year, we couldn't imagine getting our work done without Mobility Online. We've been especially pleased with several things: the possibility to make specific changes for just our university, the possibility to have most of the necessary information in one system and the continuous development of the system as our needs and requirements have changed (e.g. national reporting and the Erasmus programme). As both the main user and the technical support for my own colleagues I am able to concentrate on the relevant questions as I can count on the fact that the excellent customer support is always at hand to patiently help me with any questions I might have."

University of Helsinki

Since I was new at the International Office, I started working with Mobility Online completely impartially and the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences introduced it only a few months before, the portal grew with me as much as I grew with the portal.

Introduction requires a lot of work. But even after the introductory period is over, it makes perfect sense to have a contact person for Mobility Online in the team, who can gradually make improvements and adjustments.

Because Mobility Online offers an incredible number of possibilities which - once learned - make everyday work in the IO easier.”

University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

"I have only been working with Mobility-Online for 1.5 years and have not yet used everything in the software. My previous experiences are mostly positive. Mobility-Online offers all the features needed to manage our mobilities. However, it takes time and, depending on how intensively you deal with it, some programming skills to work effectively and efficiently with it. If problems arose, these were (if possible) promptly resolved by the support staff and comprehensibly explained upon request."

Zittau/Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences

"We have been using Mobility Online for 7 years now. In spite of tough start, it enabled the International Relations Office of Ecole Centrale de Marseille to reach the goal of 100% mobility involving an increase of more 200% in the mobility flow. What we mostly appreciate in the system is its plasticity as this huge increase required evolutions in the processes. Today we are not only dealing with the outgoing and incoming students but also the Erasmus+ scholarships. This would indeed not have been possible without the help of the Mobility Online Support Team whom we would like to thank warmly."

Ecole Centrale Marseille

"Mobility-Online makes are daily work a lot easier, we are able to export and import lots of data from between our systems that helps us save time.

It makes the different stages of the exchange procedure more transparent.

The applicants have a more easier way to apply for an exchange and what is more important: they can modify and udpate their application documents during their stay abroad and are always kept up-to-date on their status during the whole length of their exchange."

Eszterházy Károly University

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