Our customized training solutions offer a whole range of educational sessions that are designed to equip members of your team with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve excellence. The customized trainings focus specifically on the areas of interest and the individual needs of each of our valued customers.

Get in touch with the project team and let us design and deliver an innovative, first-rate training that actively engages with people in the learning process and focuses on the relevant content to meet your unique needs.

Upon your request for a customized training session, the project team will:

  • Work with your team to determine your individual training needs
  • Design the training session based on those needs
  • Provide the training session when and where it best fits your requirements: on-site, at the SOP premises in Vienna, Austria, or online.

Please note that our standard prices apply.

Our team of experienced project managers has the hands-on experience to help your employees acquire the skills they need to achieve great performance.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to a training session and improve your team' s performance through a targeted, customized training.

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