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  • Plan your budget
  • Manage financial data
  • Create financial reports
  • Manage scholarships
  • Connect to E-payment platforms

Budget Management

Keep track of your budget and financial planning with Mobility-Online.

The Mobility-Online budget planner facilitates your strategic financial planning and allows you to manage all budget-relevant data (your investors, cost centers, types of grants, etc.). Manage your budget contracts with the associated planned and available financial resources, and generate detailed budget development and resource usage reports. Export financial reports to National Agencies or other institutions.

Of course, Mobility-Online offers you numerous tools for efficient scholarship management. Define grant amounts and calculation methods for all your programs and mobility types.  Grants are then automatically calculated based on the criteria you have defined. In needed, you can have the system recalculate the grants as soon as the actual stay dates are known. Of course, you always have a clear overview of all grants that have been paid out. Manage payments and projects, issue money orders to relevant agencies, and create automated budget reports.

What is more, Mobility-Online supports common e-payment platforms such as Saferpay or Paypal.