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  • Track your correspondence
  • Send serial e-mail
  • Define e-mail/letter templates
  • Manage events and marketing
  • Connect to social media platforms


Communication and correspondence tracking are essential aspects of contact management. With Mobility-Online, you can easily keep in touch with all your partners and applicants using practical and simple tools.

Create and send serial e-mails to exactly defined recipient groups. Use flexible e-mail templates to standardize your communication channels. Thanks to automatically generated electronic folders, every message is automatically stored in the respective folder of your recipients. Thus, Mobility-Online offers an ongoing overview of your e-mail exchange with all applicants, coordinators, international representatives, contact persons at the partner institutions or other contact persons.

Of course, Mobility-Online not only allows you to send, but also to receive e-mails. Keep track of your correspondence with the Mobility-Online mailbox and manage incoming and outgoing messages.