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Cooperation Management

Mobility-Online allows you to efficiently implement and track the internationalization strategy of your university using practical tools. The software provides you with easy and reliable management options for all types of data related to your international collaborations. The necessary information is available to you and your partner institutions online at any time.

Partnership Types

Distinguish between your partnerships and networks using the terms and categories applied at your university.

What kind of partnership is it?
General MOU?
Collaborative provision?
Study abroad?
Double degree?
Flying faculty?
Is this collaboration centered on major research?

After you specify the main partnership type, you can add the contents to know more about particular international activities related to each partner. Does this partnership involve any type of mobility (student, teacher, staff)? Are we planning to offer massive open online courses together or work on joint publications? What major events have we jointly organized so far? Is my university a member of a multilateral partnership? These and other questions are answered by the integrated partner overview in Mobility-Online.

Formal management

In addition, Mobility-Online helps you easily deal with the formal part of partnership management. Follow all stages of establishing a partnership marking your milestones.

Has the partner proposal been reviewed yet?
Are we involved in pre-partnership activities (visit, research, aspirational contracts)?
Have we signed the Memorandum of Understanding yet?
Is this partnership active?

Create your own statuses and use them to categorize your partners according to the stages you want to distinguish. In relation to each partnership, you can store any documents you need. Upload the underlying contracts and add further information. Use the template creator to standardize your documentation and correspondence. Follow the history of your partnership logging the major events that influenced the development of your collaboration. All logged actions can be assigned their priority, date, subject, and content, giving you a quick overview of what has happened so far in relation to each partner, agreement, or partner representative over the years.

Internationalisation presented online

Mobility-Online offers you a personalized portal for displaying your partner institutions and networks. Decide for yourself which information about your cooperation should be visible to which target group.

If mobility is also offered as part of a cooperation, your applicants can apply for it directly using the portal. Inform the international academic community about your activities and strengthen the international orientation and networking of your university.

Download fact sheet: Relation Management