Mobility-Online supports the management of mobility, recruitment, and admission processes for all kinds of participants: outgoing students/professors, incoming students/professors, guest professors, interns, and staff.

With the data processed by your applicants, and thanks to the automation of your business processes, you can save a lot of time in your International Office. In Mobility-Online, you can specify your existing or to-be-implemented work processes and let the system guide you through your everyday workflow.

Online application and internationalization portal

Thanks to freely definable online forms for all study possibilities (exchange programmes, international & regular study programmes, short study programmes, and summer universities) Mobility-Online supports efficient and completely digitalized processing of your applications.

You can define the content of each online form yourself: the number of fields, their types (text field, drop-down list, etc.), field category (obligatory/optional) etc. The link to your form can be integrated into your homepage to give your applicants a quick access to the application site.

Additionally, you have a personalized search portal at your disposal, in which all your bilateral agreements, international cooperations, partnerships, study places for international applicants, your partner universities, events, and existing accommodation options for your applicants are integrated. Besides, the portal gives an overview of application periods and place availability. The criteria already selected will be automatically transferred to the application form by the system, whereby the application process is simplified. All essential information and required documents in the common formats (such as Word documents, PDF files, images etc.) can be attached to the relevant contracts, collaborations, partnerships, study places, partner universities, events, and accommodations.

What is more, in your internationalisation portal, you can share experience questionnaires for your prospective applicants to let them know how given mobility possibilities were evaluated by their peers.

Do you want to see how the portal supports your internationalisation? Go to the portal in our demo version.

Dynamic operational tools - workflow & pipeline

To give you a better overview of your applications and tasks, Mobility-Online provides you with dynamically adaptable working tools. These include freely definable workflows for your applicants. The so-called workflow supports your applicants during the entire application process as well as the subsequent stay abroad (in the case of mobility management). All the tasks that have to be fulfilled from the applicant’s part are presented in a clear to-do list and can be completed directly in Mobility-Online (e.g. complete data, upload documents, print out documents, book accommodation, etc.). All steps are freely definable per mobility or study program.

In addition, Mobility-Online naturally also supports your International Office in task management. This is covered by the so-called pipeline. The pipeline tool enables flexible management of your own work processes in your International Office using interactive task lists and overview lists. For each program, you can always define a suitable step-by-step administration process that will greatly facilitate your work and help you keep track of your tasks and schedules.

Role management

Thanks to the transparent role management and the extensive personalization possibilities, various user profiles can perfectly match the specific functions assumed. The software and the portal are completely web-based, which means that all you need to operate the system is an internet browser. All users – e.g. international officers, applicants, coordinators, partner institu­tions – can access Mobility-Online at any time and from anywhere, naturally according to their account restrictions.

Data management

Mobility-Online offers flexible data management. Exchange your data with third-party systems, insert your own data fields into the existing standard tables, collect all necessary data from all process participants using online questionnaires. In addition to university-specific information, Mobility-Online provides general data. Use our data catalog of global universities, ISCED codes and fields of study to create new partnerships faster.


Mobility-Online supports risk management and crisis response in case of emergency. All necessary data can be stored in a central database in advance for each person whose travel or stay abroad you supervise. This information is available online at any time for quick queries: contact details of the person to be contacted in case of emergency and all other personal data about your travellers that you consider important in an emergency situation (e.g. the blood type or known drug allergies).

Furthermore, practical, safety-related documents can be made available for your travellers to download via Mobility-Online. In the event of an emergency, Mobility-Online gives you the opportunity to check who is currently in a particular location at the push of a button. All affected persons can then be contacted directly by e-mail or SMS. In addition, an action link can be sent, allowing travellers to quickly confirm that they are safe. This information is automatically updated in real time in the system.

Bonus functions

Additional functions such as data export in various file formats, filters, favorites, notes, feedback management, quick search, gadgets and overviews add extra value to your interactive workplace. 


Thanks to flexible settings, Mobility-Online can support the management of all types of mobility programs, among others the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport Erasmus+. Manage your inter-institutional agreements, use standard templates for Erasmus+ Learning Agreement already available in the system, and export your data from Mobility-Online to the mobility tool from the European Commission.

Download fact sheet: Erasmus+ in Mobility-Online